Powering your vision

MicrotechDPS bring your vision to life by working together with you on business technology strategies and IT solutions that drive powerful change.

Customer-centred approach to business technology & IT solutions.

IT solutions need to work for your team and customers, evolving with your business.

From full scale IT implementation to project based implementation or procurement, MicrotechDPS partners with your team and technology to give your business the business technology and IT solutions it needs to thrive.

Our mission is to power your vision by partnering with your team and technology to provide a customer-centred approach to business technology and IT solutions.

Revolutionising workplaces

We create technology blueprints to help growth, adaptability, and competitiveness.

We’re ticking all the boxes

Understanding your business

You’re the real expert in your business.

That’s why we take the time to connect with and
learn from you about the inner workings and the bigger picture.

It’s our business to understand yours.

Connection through relationships

We’re committed to our relationship with you.

Our relationships are built on trust, dependability, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to friendly and results-driven customer service.

Our goals are aligned with yours, and we’re always there when you need us.

Universal business technology

Your business technology reaches into and affects every facet of your operations.

It’s a life cycle – from the infancy of the first idea to the implementation of a fully developed system that changes and evolves over time.

We’re there to support and guide you in every stage, milestone, pivot, and challenge of your business technology investments.

Proving our value

As a trusted regional IT service provider since 2004, we’ve been the long-term partner of choice for regional and national businesses alike.

But our accomplishments don’t make us complacent.

At every opportunity, we prove our ongoing value to your business, reinforcing your confidence in choosing us as your trusted expert IT services provider.

Leadership team

Michael Franco

Michael Franco


Driving change. Fostering innovation. Powering your vision.

Michael is drawn to the IT sector for its unequivocal ability to drive change and success when harnessed by the right hands. Michael brings the expertise, wisdom, and thirst for innovation that helps steer MicrotechDPS's bright future.

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From humble beginnings watching his parents and grandparents tirelessly labour over the land to provide the best life possible their family, his work ethic is firmly grounded in his family’s footsteps.

As a 17-year-old high school student, Michael’s business savvy and intense passion for learning saw him launch his first business delivering website strategies to organisations and giving flight to his dream…

A full-service IT company powering your vision.

Michael is no stranger to the value of hard work and never shies away from a challenge. He believes that the true test of a customer-centred company that acts with honesty and integrity is not when things are tracking well, but rather when they don’t go to plan. In that moment, you’ll find Michael and the MicrotechDPS team standing shoulder-to-shoulder with clients in the trenches, working with them to find forward-thinking solutions.

Amongst all of Michael’s passions, his family sits firmly at the centre of his heart and happiness.

Teresa Boal

Teresa Boal


Making impacts. Shaping strategy. Pushing boundaries.

Teresa was studying her Bachelor of Business when she was enchanted by the fast-paced nature of the IT industry & the versatility it boasted for budding careers. Once she realised the incredible impact IT solutions has on a business, she never looked back.

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Dabbling in finance within other businesses at first, Teresa decided to join the family business at Microtech DPS and also become part-owner, reinforcing her dedication to the industry.

Teresa loves the ability to use live financial data through software solutions to tell a business’s story and give an up-to-date reflection of its position, helping to shape and inform strategies. A boundary-pusher and challenge-seeker, her daily driver is to collaborate and knuckle down alongside her team to refine their skills while providing the highest level of service to clients. Every day is exciting, and every day brings a new challenge.

When she’s not crunching numbers and helping to transform businesses, she’s spending time with her husband and two children travelling wherever they can, whenever they can.
Her other love and saviour worthy of mention is coffee.

Joel Steers

Joel Steers

General Manager

Finding solutions. Leading great people. Committing to outcomes.

Joel Steers has a natural affinity for complex problem solving for clients. Couple this talent with a great leadership approach and unshakable focus on successful client outcomes, and you have the General Manager of MicrotechDPS.

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With his early career days drawn to the challenges and rewards of sales, Joel’s sights have always been set on service excellence and positive client experiences. He believes the art of achieving both means possessing the qualities of a great communicator, acting with honesty and integrity, and a genuine devotion to outcomes.  

It was the alignment of these qualities that sealed Joel’s position at MicrotechDPS, helping power the vision of businesses.

Joel’s leadership approach involves fostering a workplace climate that inspires, encourages, and supports people to be their best with the flow on effect of positive client relationships.

With a mantra of ‘personal mastery’, Joel’s passion for the limitless value of constantly learning and developing underpins the way he supports his team to build their skills and knowledge base. He believes that chasing a vision means being open to change, being willing to pivot, and stepping out of your comfort zone in the pursuit.

Joel is crazy about cricket, and you can find him coaching junior teams on summer weekends as well as spending quality time with his two sons and travelling locally and overseas as much as he can.

Suzanne Fisher

Suzanne Fisher

Service Delivery Manager

Innovating strategy. Proactively collaborating. Getting results.

Suzanne’s ability to inspire and lead teams to successful client outcomes has woven the foundations of her internationally spanning career in management. With a full wheelhouse of skills centred around people & business, her leadership style brings a wealth of experience.

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Ballarat-born and Albury/Wodonga bound, Suzanne’s IT career sewed its first seeds as a trainee computer operator 34 years ago and has flourished into a successful career as a strategic leader driving proactive change for businesses.

Suzanne’s unique approach to service delivery is one that offers clients confidence, communication, and peace of mind. By helping them to offload their IT management to trusted experts, businesses gain the time and space to focus on their core deliverables that promote growth and success.

To Suzanne, the best risk mitigation is proactive IT solutions that capture abnormalities and risks before they become disasters, and to act swiftly and effectively should the worst IT scenario occur. Results-driven, customer-centric, and an innovative thinker, Suzanne becomes an active and trusted team member of a business to understand the dynamics, tailor the service delivery, and arrive at the best possible outcome.

Suzanne’s widely respected leadership style employs an open-door policy for staff, and open-communication policy for clients, and a proven track record for successfully managing and overseeing major strategic changes for business across the globe.

Impressive career aside, Suzanne’s number one passion and greatest achievement is her family. She loves to paint, travel, read, and cook, and believes in the power and importance of community spirit within a town. Suzanne is an active member in her Albury/Wodonga community and gives her time to various local not-for-profit organisations to help make a difference.

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We are determined in our approach, and staying true to our mission of providing customer-centred business technology strategies and IT solutions that power our clients vision.

Supporting the community that supports us.

Supporting is in our nature.

It’s why we do what we do with passion and purpose.

Throughout our journey, our biggest supporter has been our community.

As a regional IT company, our focus has always been on staying local, staying present, and staying involved with the community that continues to shape us as an IT industry leader.

The level of spirit and loyalty offered by regional communities is unlike any other.

That’s why giving our support back to the community is an honour.

If it’s important to our community, it’s important to us.

We rally behind causes and events close to our community’s heart through sponsorship, donations, and in-kind services to help facilitate functions and fundraisers.

We’re present. We’re involved. We’re honoured to be a part of our community.

Get in touch to find out how we could support your cause or event.

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