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MicrotechDPS servicing the Albury-Wodonga region to bring your vision to life by working together with you on business technology strategies and IT solutions that drive powerful change.

Driving powerful
change through technology in Albury-Wodonga

In your vision, your business operates seamlessly.

It’s Effective. Unhindered. Efficient.

It’s driven by your people, processes, systems, and IT infrastructure all working in unison towards the same vision.

MicrotechDPS bring your vision to life by working together with you on business technology strategies and IT solutions that drive powerful change.


Designing business technology strategies that are clear, comprehensible, and achievable.


Sourcing the ideal hardware and software for your business.

Deploy & Manage

Actioning the plan and overseeing every detail so you can feel confident that things are taken care of.

Design business technology strategies

Working with you to design business technology strategies that are clear, comprehensible, and achievable.

MicrotechDPS are thought leaders in digital transformation and innovation, helping to strip away what’s slowing your team and technology down, and streamline your business to get you where you’re going faster.

Sourcing the ideal hardware and software for your business

MicrotechDPS work closely with leading IT infrastructure manufacturers and business software providers to bring you technology that works how you want it to, when you need it to.

Implementation of project plans, and overseeing everything for your peace of mind

MicrotechDPS are meticulous in the delivery of our services. We work alongside you to implement and manage your IT projects in a way that is supportive and compliments your business.

What Makes Us Different From Other Albury-Wodonga Manage IT providers

Understanding your business

Connection through relationships

Universal business technology

Proving our value

Our Partners


The new workflow and automation saves time and has improved accuracy across accounts payable.

"Change management was exceptional. The Microtech DPS team helped ensure success by assisting us to implement the new solution for adoption.”


Albury-Wodonga Leadership team

Michael Franco

Michael Franco


Driving change. Fostering innovation. Powering your vision.

Michael is drawn to the IT sector for its unequivocal ability to drive change and success when harnessed by the right hands. Michael brings the expertise, wisdom, and thirst for innovation that helps steer MicrotechDPS's bright future.

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From humble beginnings watching his parents and grandparents tirelessly labour over the land to provide the best life possible their family, his work ethic is firmly grounded in his family’s footsteps.

As a 17-year-old high school student, Michael’s business savvy and intense passion for learning saw him launch his first business delivering website strategies to organisations and giving flight to his dream…

A full-service IT company powering your vision.

Michael is no stranger to the value of hard work and never shies away from a challenge. He believes that the true test of a customer-centred company that acts with honesty and integrity is not when things are tracking well, but rather when they don’t go to plan. In that moment, you’ll find Michael and the MicrotechDPS team standing shoulder-to-shoulder with clients in the trenches, working with them to find forward-thinking solutions.

Amongst all of Michael’s passions, his family sits firmly at the centre of his heart and happiness.

Joel Steers

Joel Steers

General Manager

Finding solutions. Leading great people. Committing to outcomes.

Joel Steers has a natural affinity for complex problem solving for clients. Couple this talent with a great leadership approach and unshakable focus on successful client outcomes, and you have the General Manager of MicrotechDPS.

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With his early career days drawn to the challenges and rewards of sales, Joel’s sights have always been set on service excellence and positive client experiences. He believes the art of achieving both means possessing the qualities of a great communicator, acting with honesty and integrity, and a genuine devotion to outcomes.  

It was the alignment of these qualities that sealed Joel’s position at MicrotechDPS, helping power the vision of businesses.

Joel’s leadership approach involves fostering a workplace climate that inspires, encourages, and supports people to be their best with the flow on effect of positive client relationships.

With a mantra of ‘personal mastery’, Joel’s passion for the limitless value of constantly learning and developing underpins the way he supports his team to build their skills and knowledge base. He believes that chasing a vision means being open to change, being willing to pivot, and stepping out of your comfort zone in the pursuit.

Joel is crazy about cricket, and you can find him coaching junior teams on summer weekends as well as spending quality time with his two sons and travelling locally and overseas as much as he can.

Christopher Barker

Christopher Barker

Print Service Manager

Supporting customers. Communicating. Striving for perfection.

Christopher Barker’s superpower is his ability to support customers through regular and honest communication. His curiosity and fascination with the inner working parts of a building, a structure, and a machine is what led him to the service technician field.

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Today, his uncompromising strive for perfection is what raises the bar for service delivery at Microtech DPS.

With career aspirations in the building or electrician fields at the budding age of 17, the lack of apprenticeship opportunities in a regional town pivoted his interests to a copier service technician apprenticeship with a local Albury/Wodonga copier company. It was there he’d dedicate the next 8 years to perfecting his service.

An Albury-born and Albury-stayed resident, Christopher and his wife took the plunge to leave their regional township in search of opportunity and a lifestyle change offered up by the bustling city of Melbourne. Christopher secured a position with Ricoh Melbourne, working his way from field service technician to supervisor and demonstrating his refined approach to delivering exceptional customer outcomes. His talents were spotted and quickly recruited by Microtech DPS where Christopher now leads a large team within a family business where no two days are the same, and he can lead in a way that provides value and opportunity for his team.

Christopher believes the secret to successful customer outcomes and longstanding relationships comes down to honest communication. Far from a transactional relationship, Christopher operates by looping in customers on the whole process with communicating challenges and successes in equal measure so there are no surprises - only updates and outcomes.  

Christopher’s other hidden talent lies in his ability to recite every lyric to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and throw down rhymes like a professional.

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