AI and Cybercrime

Earlier this month, MailGuard published an article about a report from the Center for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge, discussing the potential hazards of AI in cyber security.

They asked the question: Will future artificial intelligence be a cybersecurity risk?

From the CSER report:

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are growing at an unprecedented rate. These technologies have many widely beneficial applications, ranging from machine translation to medical image analysis.”

The question now being raised is can this technology be applied in malicious ways? Could machine learning be used to generate tools which mimic corporate entities or even individuals? Not just in phishing emails, but in digitally generated artificial interactions, such as skype videos falsified in real time, to make it appear a real person, perhaps a real person you know and work with, is requesting information.

From MailGuard:

“Imagine you get a Skype call from your accountant and they say they need to get your authorisation for a payment. It’s a video call, so you’re actually talking to your accountant in real time and looking them in the eye…” “…you weren’t actually talking to your accountant at all; it was an AI avatar mimicking their appearance and voice down to the smallest facial expressions and vocal nuances.”

These kind of AI threats have a major advantage over their human counterparts: scalability. Where one human con artist could talk to a single target at any time, an AI is limited by its processing power and available bandwidth. Potentially, it could be having these conversations with thousands of targets at a time, with a potentially huge pay day for whoever controls it.

Where the scammers, the criminals and the thieves are lurking, so too are those tasked with shutting them down. If these kinds of threats are being imagined now, so are the ways to combat them. MailGuard is one organisation working to stay ahead of the scammers.

According to MailGuard:

“MailGuard is developing industry-leading AI technology to meet the cybersecurity challenges of the future. GlobalGuard, our new blockchain powered cybersecurity platform will harness cutting-edge AI technology to detect and resolve cyber-threats as they arise.”

Using the best tools, and the best practices, we can be best situated to protect our businesses from the threats which are coming, including those in reports such as this one from the CSER. Products like Mailguard and GlobalGuard go a long way to ensuring the security and safety of your operations against scams which could cost millions.

“The biggest challenge in cybersecurity is keeping up with the new attacks that criminals are always coming up with. They’re always looking for new tools and strategies to defraud companies, so we have to be forward-looking in our approach to defence as well.” – MailGuard CEO, Craig McDonald

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