Connect and Collaborate by Ricoh

Ricoh has available now a range of products designed to enable collaboration across sites using visual communication technologies.

The benefits of our connected world are harnessed by these technologies in exciting new ways.

“The latest communication technologies from Ricoh can help you improve productivity, deliver better service, reduce travel costs, and even enhance your environmental footprint.” – Ricoh

So how does this happen? According to Ricoh, these visual communication systems make it possible to have everyday meetings work better as dynamic collaborations, using both fixed and mobile video conferencing. This enables real time collaboration across sites, for projects as well as training, which not only increases productivity and improves the work life balance of staff who would normally need to travel, it also has the benefit of reducing travel and accommodation costs.

Ricoh lists six key areas of benefit with these collaborative technologies:

  • New work styles
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced travel time and operating costs
  • Simplified management and support
  • Support sustainability through improved environmental performance
  • Improved work/life balance

This is all achieved with a range of products including:

  • Interactive flat panels, a large touch screen which operates as a white board while also allowing the presentation of and interaction with engaging content. As a connected device, these whiteboards can be used collaboratively in a range of ways.
  • Ricoh’s Unified Communication Systems provide easy to use interactive audio and video communication in real time via the internet.
  • Ricoh’s business projectors can show presentations in any setting, from a small office to an auditorium, thanks to the range of short throw and large area models on offer.

For those on the road, the mobile solutions included in this suite of products provide a unique level of inclusiveness, via two applications:

The Ricoh Unified Communication System App

This app allows your laptop, tablet or phone to connect and collaborate, enabling video and audio communication, ability to connect to Ricoh Unified Communication products, display up to nine sites on laptop or 4 on phone/tablet, and share pc screens. This all means that a travelling staff member can still be included in the same meetings and experience the same material as those in the office.

Ricoh Smart Device Connector App

This app enables interaction between your mobile devices and compatible Ricoh multifunction devices, to print documents stored in your device or cloud services, as well as receiving scanned images either directly to the device or via cloud services. You can even use the app to send faxes via the MFP, or use your smart device’s address book to send documents directly to your contacts.

Should you wish to find out more about these innovative technologies, MicrotechDPS are your local Ricoh partners, and are happy to discuss your options and how these technologies can help your business.


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