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In years past, many organisations would operate on a ‘one size fits all’ approach to their device selection. From an efficiency and support perspective, it made sense. However, the world was also a lot more predictable and unilateral then as well.

The explosion of mobile devices, the cloud, service apps and the internet of things, coupled with employees’ desire for an increasingly flexible style of work has rendered that approach outdated and unimaginative. 

There is no longer one size fits all approach to device selection. Employees dislike it, and it’s ultimately ineffective in increasing productivity across the modern organisation.

To succeed in an increasingly competitive and volatile digital economy, it’s integral that you match the right devices to the right roles. And that means identifying certain ‘device persona’ across your workforce.

There are several questions you can ask which will help define an employee’s device persona.

What department do they work in?
How do they like to work?
Where do they work most of the time?
Are they client-facing?
What is their level of seniority?

How in-depth you choose to go on these questions will depend on your industry and size. Once you’ve identified your key persona’s, you can then liaise with your IT team or partner to identify the best device to suit each persona.


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