How Microsoft Azure migration busts common cloud myths

The cloud has long evolved from its almost fantastical science fiction concepts and has become an essential business tool with practical applications that streamline operations, boost collaboration and adapt to changing demands.

Despite the exciting future ahead, the unknown can be daunting for some businesses. The uncertainty of its value may make cloud migration feel like a task with low return on investment. According to research, there are still business leaders who believe that costs are too high migrate, and utilising the cloud takes away a lot of their decision-making power. There is also a huge lack of awareness of how the cloud works and how it can be properly utilised to improve business.

Fortunately, the truth is much more optimistic. Microsoft Azure, for example, not only provides thousands of applications to help manage, streamline and grow businesses, but has a cost effective and stress-free onboarding process to make it as easy as possible to migrate to the cloud.

Here are some common barriers to Azure migration and why they are actually myths.

MYTH: migrating to the cloud is more expensive than just updating my current systems

Despite some initial up-front costs, Azure gives you the power to reduce your operational costs over time. It includes automatic updates and software, and features cost management and analysis tools that helps you understand the costs of being in the cloud. It also sets spending thresholds, identifies opportunities for workload changes to optimise your costs, and features automated tools that significantly improve your business processes. Your business can potentially save up to 34% in your first year by using Azure’s Microsoft Cost Management to monitor and reduce spend.

The truth is that the ongoing costs of Microsoft Azure are significantly less than maintaining legacy systems and physical IT infrastructure. Today, new technology has significantly more capabilities and requires more processing power. This can be easily managed by the cloud while aging legacy systems often struggle to keep up with the demands of newer technologies and software applications. If you’re attached to your current system, you can find yourself spending more on resources like CPU and memory to perform tasks that are considered simple by modern standards. Ultimately, being nostalgic can be costly and holds your business back.

MYTH: My business is at greater risk of cyber-attack if I migrate to the cloud 

With Microsoft’s $1 billion annual investment into cyber security, Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world. Microsoft Azure is well equipped to keep your business safe and operational, as it’s supported by a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts. It also provides built-in disaster recovery and backup capabilities that reduce the impact and likelihood of potential downtime and data loss. 

It also boasts 99.95% availability for its users, with 24/7 support and continual health monitoring available thanks to its network of data centres in more than 60 regions around the world.

MYTH: It’s going to take too much training and restructuring migrate to the cloud

Of course, learning how to use a new system will require some onboarding. But Microsoft Azure doesn’t require significant IT knowledge to operate; it’s designed to be user-friendly and allow any business to flourish. 

At Microtech DPS, we provide you with subsidised Azure technical training through Microsoft Learning and accredited partners. You’ll also have access to a library of self-guided resources to support your unique needs. Step-by-step guidance from Microsoft Azure engineers is also available to mitigate risks.

MYTH: Migrating to the cloud is too complex. It will create major downtime for my business

Despite Azure’s ability to play a primary role in your business operations once you migrate, you won’t have to shut down your entire system to get it on board. There may be some very brief moments of downtime, but these are significantly minimised thanks to prior planning and assessment.

The assessment is an essential step when migrating to Microsoft Azure, and includes a real-time review of business data to create a clear and achievable cloud migration roadmap. This review covers your business’ strategies, workloads, costs and capacity. At Microtech DPS Australia, we help collate the findings in a detailed report which is typically ready within 72 hours of the assessment. This report will help determine the best migration strategy; it might inform you that migrating to Microsoft Azure will only take a few weeks and won’t impact your operations, or it might determine that your business has a lot to process, and you might benefit from a phased approach to minimise disruption.

Book a free cloud assessment and migrate with Microtech DPS 

Now that we’ve dispelled the myths, we’re here to help you enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Azure. Microtech DPS Australia is here to show you how to arrange a Cloud Assessment to unlock the full potential of moving your business to the cloud powered by Microsoft Azure. 

Our dedicated team of professionals will guide you through the migration process, ensuring a smooth and secure transition for your applications and data. With Microsoft Azure, you’ll have access to a wide range of powerful cloud services, enabling innovation, enhancing collaboration, and driving your business towards greater success. 

Don’t miss out on the advantages of cloud technology.

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