Laserfiche Empower Conference

MicrotechDPS is proud of its performance as a leading provider of Laserfiche products, and we are pleased to have had representatives from our Digital Transformation team attend the Laserfiche Empower conference in Long Beach, CA.

This year’s conference brought together over three thousand Laserfiche resellers and clients from all over the world. The four day conference focused on Robotic Process Automation, and the importance of Content Services Platforms in business today.

From the Empower website: 

Empower is the largest ECM conference for technology and business leaders from around the globe. At Empower, you’ll learn ways to work smarter, drive innovation and transform your office into a digital workplace.

This was a fantastic opportunity for MicrotechDPS, not only for learning and networking within the field, but also as we were honoured to receive recognition for another successful year with our digital transformation team.

With the experience of the conference adding to the expertise of our team, we are thrilled to be looking forward to another year of innovative performance from the team, for the benefit of all our clients as their businesses grow into the digital success stories they deserve to be.


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