Ricoh Connects to the Cloud

Ricoh now have available their Flex Series 2.0. Flex is a service available for Ricoh Smart Operation Panel enabled copiers (most of their office level products available today) which allows them to interact with a large variety of cloud services. These include OneDrive, Drop Box, Google Drive, Office 365 and others.

Using the Flex service, you can now print from, as well as scan to, your preferred cloud service, allowing streamlined business operations for the maintenance of documents across multiple sites.

It may sound like a strange idea at first, but imagine this:

You have sites in Perth and Sydney. You have a project headed by a staff member in Perth, working with a staff member in Sydney. Both have easy access to the same cloud account. They can print and scan files related to the project directly, both maintaining access and ensuring smooth collaboration between the team members on opposite sides of the country. Because they are working in the cloud, they are not relying on emailing new versions of files back and forth, with all the data redundancy risk that entails.

The cloud has revolutionised many procedures for a lot of businesses, and Ricoh devices can harness that connected, collaborative space, in ways that have never been possible in the past. Mobile devices can access those cloud services. Imagine being able to work on the run, and step up to the Ricoh device when you arrive at an office you would not normally attend, and simply access your work direct from the device? Or scanning those reports direct to your cloud storage so you can grab it for reading on your tablet during the flight home?

Ricoh Smart Operation Panel devices make sense for smart business operations, when you can streamline your collaboration and document flows using the cloud and Flex Services 2.0. But the good news doesn’t stop there – some later models without the Smart Operation Panel can have it retrofitted to allow them to then use Flex!

Flex truly is a flexible way of handling your document needs. In today’s business world, a printer or copier is so much more than a paper munching machine. It is a document handling hub for the office, and Flex is one of the amazing ways these devices are transforming the way we do business in the twenty first century.


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