Project Overview

ETC (Enterprise & Training Company) specialises in employment and training services delivered on behalf of Australian and State Governments. ETC’s goal is to help vulnerable people to overcome their personal challenges and give them the tools and training they need to find sustainable employment. With 44 offices and 420 employees across the Eastern seaboard of Australia, ETC has helped 95,262 individuals find jobs, provided training to 46,146 individuals and assisted 40,438 individuals in small business over the last 33 years.

What was initially a desire to improve compliance and streamline workflows in one key area of the business had to quickly pivot to a much larger scale digital transformation project when COVID hit.

“When COVID hit we had to accelerate our 18-month digital transformation project to ensure we could continue to meet the needs of our clients. What MicrotechDPS delivered – and delivered quickly – was a game changer for the organisation” said ETC Innovation Manager Tim Welsh.


The Challenge

In 2019, ETC worked with MicrotechDPS to improve document management compliance by migrating to Laserfiche ECM. The project focused on digitising document management and storage capabilities into existing scanning workflows within one key business unit.

Following this successful migration, ETC was invited to speak at the Empower conference in 2020 and while there, recognised the transformational impact Laserfiche could have in other areas of their business.

Not long afterwards, COVID restrictions were enforced, unemployment jumped and ETC needed to bring forward their larger digital transformation plans to keep up with a 100% increase in caseloads and continue to effectively service their clients.

Project objectives:

  • Adapt to COVID restrictions without compromising the quality of the onboarding service
  • Enable the existing team to leverage digital automation to effectively manage client onboarding in the face of a doubled workload
  • Integrate third party and legacy systems needed for the administration of government contracts within ISO27001 compliance requirements
  • Train existing and new staff on the new digital delivery service model

The Solution

As the architect of original document management migration project, the MicrotechDPS team were well positioned to move quickly to support ETC.

In conjunction with the ETC Innovation Team a fast-track plan was established and ETC’s future digital transformation plans were accelerated. The team provided outputs across 3 strategic areas:

  1. Solution Design and implementation across core ETC client services
  2. System configuration compliance within strict ISO27001 frameworks
  3. Staff enablement to adapt to the new digital services approach

Once the fast-track plan was established, the MDPS team began the re-configuration of the existing document processing engine and implementing the digital forms and workflows to support the new solution.

In line with ETC and ISO 27001 requirements, configurations were aligned to ensure ongoing compliance against best-practice.

Staff training on the new digital service delivery system was conducted via ETC’s own Learning Management System (LMS) and enabled staff to get up speed with short learning modules that they could refer back to as needed.

The Results

During the COVID pandemic, ETC’s caseload of customers doubled from 7,000 to 14,000. Without the successful integration of Laserfiche, ETC would have had to hire an additional 36 staff, at a cost of approximately $1.6million to service the extra customers.

Today, with a team of 3 practitioners and support from MicrotechDPS, ETC have:
Saved their business approximately $1.6million in office and staff costs
• A centralised digital service team of 13 who can manage 50% more cases and onboard clients 50% faster than their competitors.
• Streamlined internal processes enabling their teams to spend less time on administration and more time with clients
• Created over 200 Laserfiche form processes and 204 supporting workflows including:
– 214,275 form submissions from current published forms
– The filing of over 760,000 documents in three repositories
– Workflows and forms that are in use throughout our business units

As COVID restrictions eased, learnings from the digital delivery model were incorporated into a hybrid model of ETC service delivery, allowing them to continue to effectively support some of society’s most vulnerable people on their journey to finding employment.

This work has also been globally recognised with ETC winning the 2023 Laserfiche Program of the Year Award and becoming a finalist in the 2020 Laserfiche Run Smarter Awards.

“Our involvement with Microtech has been a game changer for ETC – Joel and his team transformed our business by automating business processes. The efficiencies gained through Laserfiche systems far exceeded our expectations; our whole approach to process and document storage has been transformed.

Joel and the team really care about our organisation, taking the time to fully understand our needs and working with us to develop the best solutions for ETC and our staff. Thank you Joel and Ross – you guys are amazing!” Damon Munt, ETC Chief Executive Officer (Acting).

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