Project Overview

Services provided

The Challenge

To create an evolved customer service space where staff and customers could seamlessly transition throughout the branch without restriction.

The Solution

Supplying specialist hardware that was necessary to create an environment that allowed staff to meet the shift in customer’s needs.

The Results

An innovative space that is geared towards needs-based conversations and moves away from the traditional transactional bank design.

Hume Bank is a customer owned bank that has a strong history in the local community, growing from a small operation on the main street of Albury over 60 years ago to now a successful, trusted banking network across regional Australia.

“We strive to give customers, what they want, when and where they want it and this was a significant part of the Olive street refurbishment design,” says Executive Manager of Digital Services, Jason Woolhouse. “With the rapid rise of online banking, today, our customers are attending branches to have more complex, needs-based conversations, shifting away from traditional banking transactions. Hume’s current branch design needed to evolve accordingly.”

As Hume Bank’s preferred supplier of server equipment and IT hardware, MicrotechDPS was their first choice when the time came to transform their Olive Street Branch, along with 25 other local suppliers.

Hume Bank completely evolved the customer experience in their Albury flagship branch, replacing their traditional branch floorplan with an inviting and innovative space. Moving away from a traditional bank floorplan enabled staff to seamlessly transition throughout the branch with their tablets or laptops.

“MicrotechDPS took the time to understand Hume’s needs and vision.”

Fit the bill to what our business needed.

Hume Bank wanted to create a space where staff could easily take their customers to different specialty zones and casual break-out areas, all with one device in hand. Due to security considerations, they needed hardware that could securely process financial programs.

“MicrotechDPS took the time to understand our concept and what we were trying to achieve,” says Technical Support Specialist, Gary Borelli. “They worked with us on viable solutions that would allow customers and staff to seamlessly transition between areas within the branch.”

Working alongside the in-house IT team, MicrotechDPS were able to assess software requirements and worked to help overcome the technical and operational challenges Hume Bank was faced with throughout the project.

“With the help of MicrotechDPS, we’ve achieved what we set out to accomplish, with a dynamic space, geared towards the customer.”

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