Project Overview

Merriwa Industries, located in Wangaratta Victoria has been in operation since 1975 and their mission is to be part of a future where people of all abilities reach their potential, feel respected, happy and confident.

Merriwa provides an inclusive and supportive environment to their team, so in turn they can continue to provide quality products and services in the packaging, timber, nursery and community services industries.

As with many businesses worldwide, COVID had a significant impact on Merriwa. The pandemic drove an enormous increase in demand for packaging, and to meet this demand, Merriwa increased their headcount by more than 100% in just two months. What was a workforce of 150 has now grown to 350 people.

In response to this rapid and significant increase in workload and people, Merriwa realised they had outgrown their existing IT Support arrangements and need to invest further in their IT infrastructure.

“We really enjoy working with MicrotechDPS as their values align with ours, and through them we’re able to access the support we needed to grow” says Giovana Gimenez, Technology Manager.

The Challenge

With the knowledge that their IT Managed Support arrangements were no longer fit for purpose, Merriwa Industries engaged MicrotechDPS to conduct an IT Infrastructure review.

The goal of the review was to provide an independent assessment of their IT environment and measure these against best practices, along with recommendations for improvement.
Merriwa’s objectives:

  • Turn an ad hoc backup system into a reliable and secure business continuity solution
  • Create a more reliable, stable environment by replacing hardware and redesigning the LAN and SD WAN
  • Identify any remediation work required to improve security and performance
  • Scale support for the internal IT team with access to additional specialised IT skills

The Solution

MicrotechDPS developed a structured strategic plan, inclusive of hardware and software procurement to align with Merriwa goals. We then managed the implementation of new and improved infrastructure, software and training to transform how Merriwa were able to run their business.

Over the last few years, MicrotechDPS has delivered:

  • 2019 – IT Infrastructure review inclusive of best practices and security remediation
  • 2020 – Robust and reliable Server and Cloud backup systems and processes
  • 2021 – Reliable and secure internet connectivity with managed capabilities to ensure 99% up time
  • 2022 – Implementation of Single Sign On, Microsoft 365, integration of AD with exchange, antivirus software upgrade and ongoing service desk support
  • 2023 – Provision of staff security awareness training and an upgrade of the legacy finance system

The Results

When Merriwa’s headcount increased by more than 100% in 2 months in response to increased demand for their packaging products, they took the decision to further invest in their IT Infrastructure.

Since implementing the upgrades with MicrotechDPS, Merriwa have:

  • Integrated their IT platforms, upgraded their finance system and decommissioned unnecessary legacy systems, resulting in improved efficiency and decreased spend
  • Backups have been relocated from a secondary site to Datto Cloud, providing a reliable, secure, all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery solution
  • Removed the need for entry of new staff details into separate systems, improving accuracy and reducing data entry by 50%
  • Delivered specialised security training to staff via AI aware systems
  • Increased security posture on all endpoints in the network
  • Access to ongoing support with the MicrotechDPS service desk, enabling their teams to spend less time on troubleshooting complex IT issues

Over the last few years, MicrotechDPS has established a great working relationship with Merriwa built on trust and results. We continue to work together to provide both support and guidance to ensure Merriwa can maintain their IT infrastructure and achieve ongoing efficiencies.

“Since implementing our changes with MicrotechDPS, we have more streamlined processes, no longer need to do any double data entry and have taken all the steps we can to protect our data from a potential breach”.


“I would definitely recommend MicrotechDPS to others who are looking to improve their IT set up and data security. The team are friendly, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile”.

– Giovana Gimenez, Technology Manager.

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