Project Overview

After 28 years in the industry, adopting the Ricoh Pro C9200 has enabled the Barlow’s to transform their print business. The increase in efficiency the machine has offered over their offset press has meant the Snap Printing Wodonga owners have been able to take on jobs they previously simply couldn’t, offering turnaround times that enable them to be competitive.

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The Challenge

As the owners of Snap Wodonga found they wanted to take their business in a different direction, they were looking for a digital printer to replace their offset press, that didn’t compromise on quality.

Snap Printing Wodonga is one of the leading Snap Printing franchises in the country. With 28 years’ experience in the industry, Robyn and Greg Barlow know that efficiency is the key to success as business owners in the print manufacturing industry.

Historically, the business predominantly used traditional offset presses, running both a Heidelberg Speedmaster and GTO52 for 12-15 years alongside a digital Xerox printer for shorter printing runs. Robyn & Greg were finding that more and more of their work was producing offset work at trade prices for other Snap franchisees. They were finding it was difficult to compete with the larger trade printers in Melbourne, and given the resources needed for that type of printing, it wasn’t a path the Barlow’s wanted to go down. That, coupled with the Xerox printer needing an upgrade, was the trigger for investigating their digital production print device options.

The Solution

The Ricoh Pro C9200 came out on top compared with other leading machines, chosen for its robust build and value for money.

Working with the Snap procurement department, Robyn & Greg considered devices on the market offered by Xerox, Konica Minolta and Ricoh.

“The Ricoh was the most expensive, not by a lot, but it just seemed to be a more robust device, built as a legitimate production machine.”

Being their local Ricoh dealer, Robyn and Greg got in touch with MicrotechDPS to start the process.

“MicrotechDPS connected us with another of their print manufacturing clients in Wagga running the same machine. The owner was really impressed with it. We were able to take a look at the machine and see how robust and efficient it was.”

In early 2021, MicrotechDPS sourced the Ricoh Pro C9200 for Snap Printing Wodonga, including a paper stacker for the device.

The Results

The machine’s efficiency has meant the Barlow’s have been able to take on jobs they previously simply couldn’t, offering turnaround times that enable them to be competitive while delivering high-quality print.

For Robyn & Greg, transitioning to the Pro C9200 has transformed their business.

 “In the end we made the right decision. We picked up jobs, to be honest, that we would not have been able to do had we not had this machine. We just wouldn’t have physically gotten the jobs done in time. Whereas we can set this machine, walk out at night and it’ll do another 5000-6000 sheets and not miss a beat. You know you won’t come into the workshop in the morning to find paper jams and that sort of thing.”

The efficiency the machine has offered has been key.

“Jobs are in and out so much quicker, and that’s what it’s all about now in our industry. You need a fast turnaround, that’s what people expect.”

“We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry, and buying this machine has really been one of the biggest changes for us. We’ve streamlined the business, replacing the offset press and all the equipment that went with it.”

The Barlow’s have also found benefits in having a more structured workplace, no longer having chemicals and other consumables lying around for the offset press. Robyn adds that paper wastage is now a thing of the past, where previously they would have been wasting around 5-10% of a job to get the colour right on an offset press.

And while historically you couldn’t beat the quality of an offset press, Greg & Robyn have been blown away by how good the digital device has been. On older digital machines, Robyn recalls even on a short run they would end up with streaking or low spots.

“Whereas now, it’s perfect.”

While Greg wishes they could have had this machine years ago, he admits the numbers hadn’t added up until now.

“In the past with digital equipment, running costs were prohibitive for a lot of work and the print quality just wasn’t there. It worked well for short runs, but if you wanted to get into longer run printing it was more efficient to put it on an offset press. The Ricoh Pro C9200 is in a bit of a sweet spot at the moment. It’s a great production machine, but not at a ridiculous price point. The running costs on digital machines have also come down over the years.”

For the Barlows, an important part of working with MicrotechDPS has been the understanding of their business.

“I couldn’t fault the team at MicrotechDPS, nothing has been too much trouble and they are straight onto any issues. And the ongoing service has been good. Being a regional centre, we really do need a quick turnaround on service as we can’t have too much downtime – MicrotechDPS get that.”

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