Project Overview

When a food manufacturing company had outgrown their existing IT provider, MicrotechDPS were able to offer all the benefits of a large-scale corporation while being regionally focused and local. Working with the Staughton Group’s internal IT team throughout the onboarding process, MicrotechDPS addressed key concerns including, cyber security risks and network visibility. Overall, the Staughton Group’s IT Manager Shawn Russell felt they had a successful transition across providers through proactive management and a ‘get it done’ attitude.

The Challenge

Shawn Russell, IT Manager at the Staughton Group, had identified that their company had outgrown their existing IT Services provider and that their cyber security risk was a growing concern.

The Staughton Group specialises in high-quality food manufacturing, primarily in pet food. The company headquarters is based in Howlong, NSW, and employs over 400 People, with 150 seats, operating 24 hours 7 days per week. In the food manufacturing industry, downtime is costly. The Staughton Group have their own internal IT team, supported by an external provider.

Shawn Russell, IT Manager at Staughton Group, had identified that their company had outgrown their existing IT Services provider and that their cyber security risk was a growing concern. Realising a change was needed, Shawn wanted to explore the options available to serve the business’s needs.

The Solution

MicrotechDPS were able to address the Staughton Group’s need for a local provider that was able to scale with their business while delivering the expertise required to address their specific IT concerns.

MicrotechDPS reached out to Shawn in early 2021, but the timing for a transition of providers wasn’t right due to other business priorities. Shawn and the team at MicrotechDPS reconnected months later to discuss Staughton Group’s needs.

“I was looking for a provider of a reasonable scale who could adapt to our growing size, with a larger footprint and the local presence. In particular, an in-house cyber security capability”, said Shawn. “I’ve dealt with multinational corporations before with offshore resources, and they present their own challenges”.

While MicrotechDPS was able to meet the client’s needs, their proven experience was the key to giving Shawn confidence to engage them as IT providers.

“The ability to provide client references for businesses of similar size, or with similar characteristics to our business was crucial. It was a key part of our due diligence process.”

Onboarding Staughton Group

From the outset, a clear advantage to engaging the MicrotechDPS Managed IT Services team was the dedicated Account Team provided.

“The fact they were able to provide a dedicated Account Manager was a positive sign”, commented Shawn. He saw that MicrotechDPS were able to offer resources in dedicated, full-time roles, as opposed to staff “wearing multiple hats” as he’d experienced previously.

The result for Shawn was proactive account management and a proactive approach to improving their IT environment.

“In an organisation like ours, it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time. MicrotechDPS were able to keep prompting me on upcoming events or when we were challenged with timelines during the onboarding process. The team were flexible to our needs, all while keeping us moving at the right pace.”


The Results

Through the onboarding process, the Staughton Group now have more confidence in their cyber security and was able to improve visibility over their network significantly.

Shawn now has more confidence in the company’s cyber security.

“Previously, our Microsoft 365 tenancy didn’t seem like it was configured or tailored to our requirements, which posed a risk largely around email security”.

The most difficult part of the onboarding process for Shawn was transitioning antivirus software. Previously, 75% of the Staughton Group’s users were using ESET software, with the remainder using another, or in some cases, no antivirus software.

“The transition was complex as it affected every user, and had to happen quickly otherwise we would have had a gap where we were exposed. The MicrotechDPS technicians we were working with a helped force that change through.”

MicrotechDPS’s expertise was critical to the delivery.

“We needed a provider that knew more about on-premise network design. We needed someone not just to learn with us but bring advice and experience on how they had dealt with the situation before”.

The changeover to MicrotechDPS’s support portal was smooth, and Shawn felt there was adequate training provided as needed.

MicrotechDPS’s Lead Technical Engineer, David Clutterbuck, believes the onboarding process is critical to setting the partnership up for success.

“The onboarding process allowed MicrotechDPS’s IT Team to familiarise with the Staughton Group system, their staff and their requirements. Throughout the process, a lot of questions were asked by both parties. Our team were able to identify all the devices and configure monitoring tools, as well as areas of concern or focus for the team and the company.”

A critical point of difference MicrotechDPS offers is their proactive approach to managing IT.

“The team at MicrotechDPS pushed the use of Datto RMM as a monitoring and troubleshooting tool and trained our internal team on that. We went from using Team Viewer only and having very limited visibility of our staff’s devices without logging onto active sessions, to suddenly being able to see our whole network and devices without interrupting our users. We didn’t expect it to be as good.”

While collaborating with an external IT provider is not a new concept for Shawn’s team, he feels confidence in MicrotechDPS’s technical team.

“The meet & greet between the teams was important as it allowed us to put faces to names. We’ve been really impressed with the technicians provided by MicrotechDPS, in terms of their abilities and get it done attitude, making themselves available when practical. I found the team to be upfront on any shortcomings in their knowledge, coming back to us with good advice and progress. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the team on the support desk have been a welcome change.”

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