Project Overview

UniLodge helps students to make the most of their university years by providing housing options to allow them to attend classes on campus and embed themselves in the university community.

UniLodge manage purpose-built student accommodation venues across Australia and New Zealand. The company coordinates buildings and rooms owned by different property owners, offering over 40,000 managed beds, across 115 lodges.

Managing many properties on behalf of many different owners and investors requires smart systems to enable great customer experience (for students and property owners) and to meet regulatory requirements.“We previously used another Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, but the previous system was overcomplicated, it wasn’t well supported, and wasn’t well adopted.” said Chief Financial Officer, Chris Webb, commenting on the project.

“With systems, adoption is everything.”

The MicrotechDPS team were recommended as having the right team and skills to bring forward the client’s vision for a better designed system and to help migrate to a new platform.

The Challenge

Multiple systems were required to manage accounts payable,  credit card approvals and the workflow of trust account authorisations.

Managing accounts payable for over 100 property owners requires a system that is flexible yet robust and allows for complex rules around internal account codes.

The project had many stakeholders requiring a great deal of documentation to coordinate specifications and communicate the scope of delivery.

New processes would also require a change in staff behaviour – an area where the previous project was deficient – so change management needed to be a key consideration for driving long term success.

Project Objectives:

  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of incoming invoice capture
  • Replace the existing ECM
  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 356 Business Central accounting system
  • Establish a system and licencing model that has flexibility and the ability to grow as business requirements change
  • Support staff through the adoption of new systems and changes in business process


The Solution

After initial meetings and research to fully understand UniLodge’s unique challenges, the MDPS team delivered a project brief and recommended 3 main process redesigns:

  1. For accounts payable to receive invoices, use automation to assign internal coding accurately and route those coded invoices to the correct team members for approval.
  2. To meet regulatory requirements, a workflow tool was recommended to ensure supporting documentation was captured for all payments from trust accounts.
  3. Credit Card approvals were recommended to be automated to simplify reconciliation and integrate with existing finance systems.

These recommendations included the implementation of a new ECM (Laserfiche) and a reconfiguration of the existing intelligent capture solution, Abbyy Flexicapture.

After delivery of the project brief, UniLodge gained approval from all stakeholders and the project moved to delivery phase. MDPS team began engagement with key stakeholders at UniLodge across both operational and IT teams.

Once the new software was implemented, the MDPS team began the re-configuration of the document processing engine Abbyy Flexicapture and implementing the digital forms and workflows within Laserfiche to support the solution. Ongoing collaboration between the MDPS team and UniLodge saw the solution refined throughout the build phase to deliver a fully functioning digital automation solution at go-live.

The Results

The new workflow and automation saves time and has improved accuracy across accounts payable. The accounts teams can now spend their valuable time on higher level tasks and not have to spend countless hours matching receipts with transactions.

After the project was delivered, the MicrotechDPS team also worked to ensure the systems were supported and well adopted. 

Change management was exceptional. The Microtech DPS team helped ensure success by assisting us to implement the new solution for adoption.” says Chief Financial Officer, Chris Webb.

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