Secure Workplace

Work from Anywhere, Securely

Ensures Your Cyber Security Solution is Fit for the Hybrid Workplace

With more of us working remotely, and the rise of cyber threats, businesses are faced with the challenge of keeping their data, systems and assets secure. Secure Workplace ensures your cyber security solution is fit for the hybrid workplace.

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Offer Employee Flexibility without the Risk

Secure Workplace enables your business to have employees work from anywhere on any device securely, using the right assets and solutions. Ensure your business is fit for the multi-cloud and hybrid world.

Getting it Right the First Time

We deliver a strategic roadmap for implementing the new framework, with actionable steps increasing the likelihood of successful adoption.

Gain Control over Information Sharing

We take the time to understand your organisations people, devices, cloud services, information protection and governance in our approach. We help you take control of sharing mechanisms to ensure sensitive, classified or compliance specific information is limited to only those that should have access.

Meet Governance Requirements

Go beyond securing your information and have the ability to quickly show who has access to what information, and the reason why they have access. Successfully passing an audit often requires being able to provide the reason and duration of access, as well as who.

Let Your Team Get on with Business

Our proactive Enhanced Support Services (ESS) helps your business to resolve and prevent incidents before any impact can reach the business. Access top-level IT engineers who can address your issue directly, while your team can concentrate on your business with peace of mind that IT related disruptions are minimised.

How to get started

We work to understand your people

People are at the heart of your business, and how understanding how they interact with your business is key to securing the workplace. We collect intel on where they are located, how they manage critical information, and how they access your business’s applications and platforms.

We get to know your devices

We ensure correct levels of security controls on are present on each assigned device. At a minimum, devices need to be secured against next-generation malware and advanced cyber threats.

We assess your cloud services

We discover how your data is created within your organisation and shared externally, understand know which SaaS platforms are in use, and extend information protection into the cloud. In doing so, we remove risks associated with data leaving the organisation, ensuring data classification or policy is adhered to.

We protect your information

After we understand how your information is used within the organisation, we apply these learnings to improve the protection of your data. Discover who has access to what, and more importantly, why, to gain control over unlimited sharing.



The new workflow and automation saves time and has improved accuracy across accounts payable.

"Change management was exceptional. The Microtech DPS team helped ensure success by assisting us to implement the new solution for adoption.”


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