Application Development

Bring Your App to Life

Application Development from Conception to Evolution

Apps are designed to get end-users what they want easily, quickly, and accurately.
But poorly designed apps lose you time, money, and users because they achieve the opposite.
Entrusting your application development to experts is the difference between the two.

Our application development team takes your idea and transforms it into a product that looks how you want it to, functions how you intend it to, and is built for the ultimate user experience.

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Complete lifecycle leadership through SaaS product management

Our application development approach is a journey we take with you from the very beginning to ongoing evolvement. We collaborate with you to plan, design, scale, develop, test, deploy, and support your application throughout its complete lifecycle with the same level of enthusiasm and investment you have.

A Team Driven by Quality User Experiences

For our application development team, near enough is never good enough.
We recognise that an app is nothing without its users, so our rigorous quality assurance and meticulous attention to every detail is never compromised. We accommodate both web and mobile users under one seamless roof through Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that are optimised for flawless use, designed to feel functionally native, and customised to flow intuitively.

Our application solutions are continuously monitored, tested, and developed to create a flawless user experience the way you envisioned.

How to get started

Talking game plans

We get together to start the initial planning process by taking your ideas, needs, and wants, and drafting them into an action plan setting out timelines, deliverables, and outcomes.

Drawing things up

We put the plan to paper and initiate the design process, shaping the structure, aesthetics, and functionality of the application.

Building the design

We meticulously build the design, taking care to consult and update you through every stage.

Test driving

This is our favourite part. We start the rigorous testing and quality assurance process to iron out any kinks, predict any complications, and mitigate any risks. When we’re confident, we hand you the wheel to test drive it yourself and give us your feedback to inform any revisions.

It’s out there

When you’re ready, your application will go live, and you’ll start to see it functioning in the real world with real end users.

We take the backseat

Now that your application has wings, we take a backseat support role in maintaining, routinely testing, and providing expert customer support whenever you need it.



The new workflow and automation saves time and has improved accuracy across accounts payable.

"Change management was exceptional. The Microtech DPS team helped ensure success by assisting us to implement the new solution for adoption.”


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