Business Process Optimisation

Efficiency by Design

Business Optimisation is Key to Business Excellence

Businesses excel when everything is working at peak efficiency, but reaching that level comes down to finely tuned processes.

That’s what we help design through business process optimisation.

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Boosting Your Efficiency

If you’re thinking there must be a more efficient way to do something, there most likely is.
We analyse your current business processes to eliminate the unnecessary steps, automate the tedious tasks, and reduce human error and double handling.

Promoting Accountability

It’s easy to pass the buck or hit a roadblock when there’s no clear process or accountability. We help you create clarity for every business process, its owners, and who’s responsible for each step to promote transparency and accountability across the board.

Giving You the Competitive Edge

Streamlined and optimised business processes mean you can operate at your peak, saving time, reducing overheads, and increasing your margins by being the best you can be at what you do.

Highlighting the Problem Areas

It can be hard to find an objective pair of expert eyes to run over your business processes and weed out the problems. We’re your experts in identifying company-wide areas for improvement and providing the tools and resources to fix them.

Making Everything Uniform

The more people and processes you have in a business, the more opportunities for inconsistencies in how things are done. Part of our business process optimisation strategies is to standardise your processes across the board leading to consistent, efficient, and uniform actions.

Automating the Mundane

Often the most tedious and mundane tasks are the most time consuming or skipped over altogether. We identify which tasks can be automated to pivot your people’s focus to areas it’s better put to use for increased productivity, workflow efficiency, and overall performance.

How to get started

We assess your requirements

We review all the current processes in place that you are looking to optimise.

We workshop

Following our initial investigations, we execute each workshop with your business over a 4 week period. Each workshop has a predefined agenda and a list of key stakeholders that are required to participate.

Your journey begins

Your Business Process Optimisation Plan is ready to be implemented. You’ll receive a summary of what intel we gather to piece together your roadmap, including your business’s current state, key pain points and business requirements.
The Plan itself will be delivered in the form Scope of Works outlining each phase, as well as a Process optimisation transformation blueprint.



The new workflow and automation saves time and has improved accuracy across accounts payable.

"Change management was exceptional. The Microtech DPS team helped ensure success by assisting us to implement the new solution for adoption.”


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