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CIO as a Service – The expert without the expense

CIOs are a proven asset for your overall IT strategy but getting the right person on board involves targeted recruiting, careful trialling, and a forgiving budget. A lot of businesses don’t have the kind of time, money, or requirements that call for a full-time CIO.

Enter the solution.

Our CIO as a Service gives you the right person on-demand without expending any more energy, resources, or budget than necessary. You get the expert without the expense.

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Access to a Full Suite of Skills

Our CIO as a Service gains your business access to a person with the high-level skillset required to:

  • Form a complete and sustainable IT strategy to meet your business’s needs
  • Provide expert guidance strategies to CXO stakeholders
  • Take ownership and leadership of your IT requirements and resource management
  • Identify opportunities for growth and improvement across your IT solutions
  • Plan, implement, and oversee IT projects within budgets and deadlines
  • Provide training, skills development, and ongoing support to your IT team to create positive change and growth opportunities
  • Ensure your IT solutions are compliant, secure, and future proof
  • Assist with recruiting IT talent that will enhance your business’s overall IT performance and talent pool
  • Provide a fresh perspective on your IT solutions and illuminate unexplored strategies

Wherever You Need Us

Our CIO as a Service includes both virtual CIOs and on-site CIOs to suit your location and budget in an ever-changing digital and business climate. We’re wherever you need us to be.

How to get started

We analyse your current network demands and establish the best data storage management for your business.

We develop a solution that fits your business perfectly and demonstrate its capabilities.

We implement the solution and check in with you at every stage.

We monitor what we’ve implemented, testing, tweaking, and reviewing along the way to ensure it’s everything you need it to be.



The new workflow and automation saves time and has improved accuracy across accounts payable.

"Change management was exceptional. The Microtech DPS team helped ensure success by assisting us to implement the new solution for adoption.”


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